Worry Overload

What runs through my head when I think of my trip:

Have I done enough planning?
Will I overlook a great place to visit because I haven’t done enough planning?
Will I forget something essential?
Will I bring too much stuff?
Will I get malaria?
Will I be targetted for terrorist activity because I’m American?
Will I get ripped off?
Should I bring my regular camera or my digital? What if it gets stolen?
What if I decide not to see my father? Will he die an angry, resentful man?
What if I visit my father and I find I don’t like him?
What if I get into a huge fight with Grace* while traveling?
What if I have a nervous breakdown?

*Since this entry was written Grace and I have taken preemptive action; we’ve worked out any suppressed resentment and anger with a good ol’ wrestling match.

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