No Turning Back

We have the tickets in hand—flying via Taipei to Bangkok, and returning a month later from Ho Chi Minh City.

We are leaving for Thailand on March 18 (in the wee morning). The length of our sojourn in Thailand is flexible. At some point we will be in Vietnam. All we can be certain of is that on April 18 there’s a flight leaving Ho Chi Minh City for San Francisco that we have to be on.


Bangkok holds little appeal to me having visited the city seven years ago. I do want to see the Jim Thompson tree house again. It’s my dream home—a mix of Swiss Family Robinson ingenuity and Anna and King of Siam opulence. After Bangkok, I’d like to travel to some of the islands in the south. Revisit the silence of the deep sea (yeah, that’s me), bask on some white sand wrapped in a sarong… Then we most likely will head north to Chang Mai. Grace wants to take a Thai cooking class and so do I. Note to self: do not to rub eyes while preparing food, lest I want to experience the searing pain of a thousand chili-needle pricks piercing into soft retinal tissue.

Next time, Vietnam…

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